Mold Projects

Molds for Fan Blades

We make injection molds for high performance fan blades for various industries. We receive strong technical support from Air Conditioner Fan R&D Center and Engineering Plastics R&D Center of Sunwill Group.

Mold for Centrifugal fan blades for automotive engines

We do advanced Design For Manufacturability (DFM) studies for fan blades.

Mold design and mold analysis using computational fluid dynamics
Final product of the centrifugal blade

Various tests are carried out for fan blades, such as shock & vibration, thermal shots, air flow tests (up to 30000 m^3/h) and pressure tests (up to 2000 Pa).

Fan blade testing equipment

Axial-flow fan blades for railway high-speed air conditioners

Axial-flow fan blades for automotive high-speed air conditioners

Fan blade testing equipment

Molds for Auto Parts

We have made many molds for automotive parts, including side mirror housings, grilles, sun roofs, door locks, handles, lamp housings, foot paddles, and many more.

2-Cavity mold for Side Mirror part

Mold for Grille part

Molds for Micro-Irrigation

We have developed molds for micro-irrigation facilities. They are cooling and moisture-adding irrigation system for seedbeds. The molds demonstrate high techniques of two-shot and precision to achieve water-tightness and fine control between pressure and flow.

(Mold for the sprinklers)

Left: Compensation Sprinkler; Middle top: Spray Nozzle; Middle bottom: Dripping Stopper; Right: Rotational Sprinkler

(Mold for the sprinklers)


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Mechanical Engineering

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Polyurethane (PU)

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