Part & Product Design

Electronics, medical, and consumer products are the industries that we focus on the most. Pro/Engineer and SolidWorks are used as our CAD (Computer Aided Design) software.

Our design engineers are highly skilled in modeling all kinds of forms, from organic shapes to advanced mathematical configurations. An example of a more complex form designed by D4E using Pro Engineer is the vane impeller with an involute shape. These were modeled using formulas combined with coding in Pro Engineer to achieve fluid dynamic characteristics.

Impeller modelled using formulas and Pro/E coding

We work closely with industrial designers and acoustic engineers to achieve high-quality acoustic consumer electronics. The following high-end headset designed for FIFA referees is an excellent example. It needs to fit very snugly and comfortably while conducting loud and clear sound into the inner ear. It clings to the ear at three locations: two at the concha and one at the ear canal, allowing a wide range of adjustment for user preference.

Boom MIC headset, for Yapalong

S-911 Enforcer for Laipac

In mechanical design for electronics, we have an abundance of experience in meeting stringent product requirements such as IP ratings as well as shock and vibrations. During design process, we pay special attention to the human factors involved as well as the security features as shown in the following GPS tracker for paroling.


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Mechanical Engineering

Electronics, medical, and consumer products are the industries that...

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Polyurethane (PU)

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