Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Our team combines creativity with problem solving and engineering skills to meet complex tooling and design challenges. At D4E, we model rough molds in 3D quickly. They are used in studying feasibility and structural soundness. We analyze manufacturability, determine cost as it relates to quantity, and compare alternative manufacturing processes.

Rough tooling 3D model and a prototype tooling part for chipping protector for Honda R&D Americas

Mold-flow analysis is conducted by our experienced tooling engineers. For example, the mold-flow analysis of the Sprng earbud was used for design and manufacturing this 2-shot part consisting of a rubber over-molding with a polypropylene substrate. The challenges are combination several factors: the complexity of the 2-shot, the unique organic shape, and some very thin areas that cannot be gated due to the contact of human skin.

Left: Mold-flow analysis for Sprng Earbud Clip. Right: Sprng Earbud Clip, for OHM Industrial Designers

OHM Industrial Designer created the industrial design and mechanical design for this rugged radio set: IP 67 and shock & vibration. To meet more challenges specific to this device, it uses no screws for the shell and the water-tight seal is done by 2-shot. We successfully delivered the DFM and the product is in steady production.

Yapalong5000 radio, for Yapalong


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Mechanical Engineering

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Polyurethane (PU)

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