Post Processing

Post processing is indispensable for working prototypes or manufactured parts. It provides surface durability and the proper appearance. However, its importance is often ignored. Our major post processing methods include polishing, painting, powder coating, anodizing, and heat treatment.

We perform fine adjustments on gloss levels and grain sizes. Painting and powder coating do not only protect, but they also beautify the surfaces. D4E workers can custom paint all kinds of Pantone colors with various finishes. Some finishes resemble the textures from injection molded parts.

Side by side comparison of painting samples

Polishing is needed for machined parts, sometimes 3D prints. And it is labour intensive. Just like a machinist, a polishing worker also requires years of experience to master the skill. Some D4E workers have decades of polishing experience. They are the ones who can handle the optical polishing, one of the critical hand jobs.

Lamp prototype for automotive, made of acrylic and ABS. Post-processing includes optical polishing and electroplating.

We also provide laser etching and screen printing services.

Laser etching on the plastic housing of Yapalong radio.


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